Hey, I am Nicola and I am from a small town in northern New South Wales. I decided to be part of Gadget Girlz to show other girls that you can do things in the technology and space industry. I want to show it is not just for boys and that average girls, like myself, can be a part of this industry. I got the opportunity to travel to America last year and attend Space Camp in Huntsville, Alabama, with the help of the One Giant Leap Australia Foundation. A month later returning from my trip, I was invited to be a student ambassador for the One Giant Leap Australia Foundation. I absolutely love photography, I am constantly taking photos of people and but I’m always on the one side of the camera. In my spare time you can find me flying my drone, hanging out with my close friends and family. I also do physical culture (Physie), which is a mixture of all dance types. I have done Physie since I was 3. I also love cooking, I try to cook and bake but let’s just say I’m not the best and it doesn’t always end well. BUT I try and that is the most important thing. Give it a go!